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ATTENTION: Our blog has moved!

Thanks to your overwhelming participation in 2016, we have created a password protected & interactive blog just for A&A Sewing Center's Quilt Club!

Please follow these easy steps to sign up:
• Visit
• Register using your name and email address; be sure to write the password down, because I do not have access to your password, even if you forget it!
• I will check your membership status and approve you to view our new blog.

I think you'll like it! ;)  Please call or email with questions!

Meeting Overview & Notes

*the words highlighted in green are links! Click away!

November 9, 2016
• Show & Tell!
• Quilt Festival download-- what did you see?! Who did you meet? Did anything catch your eye?!
     - Upcoming Events & Classes: Another Tuffet Workshop, The Al Berard Music Festival, Flat Wallet Class.
     - Free Quilt Club Sew Day: Monday Nov. 28 9am-6pm
     - Opportunity to show our quilts off-campus: The Al Berard Music Festival in Arnaudville needs our art! 12-8pm Dec. 3, 2016  at the NuNu Collective! Sign up asap with Clair in person or via email so that we can get a sign made for your quilts: Artist's Name, Quilt's Title, Year Made, 1-2 lines of any special sentiments. or 
12mo BOM: Discuss new 2017 BOM ideas and take suggestions; vote at Dec. meeting!
6mo BOM: Wishes Quilt Along by FQShop  see side panel for full pattern--->
Please remember that we will be making a 6-block sampler. If you wish to complete the full quilt, you may keep on track by making the main block plus the "ghost block" each month, finishing 12 blocks in the allotted time.
       - Main block #2: Annie's Choice .pdf file | Annie's Choice Video Tutorial
       - Ghost block #2: Broken Dishes .pdf file |
Broken Dishes Video Tutorial
• CHRISTMAS BOM 2017: Christmas Mouse by Bunny Hill!  This is something I just feel like we can't pass up-- if you'd like to participate in this 10mo program, here are a few notes:
        - This BOM is only available as a kit!
        - I'll be taking final orders for this at the December 2016 meeting.
        - If I have 5+ participants, I'll host a separate free sew day each month  just for this BOM!
• Picture Piecing intro: Meet Cynthia England, winner of the Best In Show $12,500 prize at the International Quilt Festival in Houston! Her awesome technique yields truly captivating quilts and her trunk show will be here at A&A Sewing Center next year! :D 
       - See Cynthia's video tutorial and download some free patterns to try at home! *Quick tip: Cut a piece of freezer paper to size (8.5"x11") and feed into your printer so that the paper side is receiving the ink. This will make the "tracing" part a snap!*
       - I will be hosting a picture piecing workshop soon (probably after the new year!) so keep an eye out for my samples!

October 5, 2016
• Show & Tell! Remember, pics available right here in our facebook album!
       - Upcoming Events and Classes: Baby Lock Open House, Destiny II Workshop, Tuffet Workshop, Maker's Tote Class, Turning Twenty Quilt, Jelly Roll Race Quilt.
       - Free Quilt Club Sew Day: Wednesday Oct. 26 9-6pm
       - Opportunity to show our quilts off-campus: The Al Berard Music Festival in Arnaudville needs our art! 12-8pm Dec. 3, 2016  at the NuNu Collective!  More details to come.
12mo BOM: today I handed out Block #12!  We will have no handouts or new 12 month programs until January 2017, so enjoy..!
NEW 6mo BOM: Wishes Quilt Along by FQShop  see side panel for full pattern--->
Please remember that we will be making a 6-block sampler. If you wish to complete the full quilt, you may keep on track by making the main block plus the "ghost block" each month, finishing 12 blocks in the allotted time.
       - Main block: Flying Kite .pdf file | Flying Kite Video Tutorial
       - Ghost block: Double Windmill .pdf file | Double Windmill Video Tutorial

September 7, 2016

***The winning BOM is..... WISHES quilt along by Fat Quarter Shop! Details below.
• Show & Tell! Welcome newbies! (Pics posted to our Facebook album!)
• Free pattern: The Canterbury Quilt
          - Our lovely long arm quilting pro Estrella is collecting orphaned quilt blocks to assemble charity quilts for local nursing homes.  If you'd like to donate, please leave your block with us at the front desk and we will get it to her for this cause.
          - Upcoming store event Sept. 23 & 24th! Get details and Sign up now!
          - FREE Sew Day: Monday 9/26 9-6pm
          - Partial Seam Block Party! 9/27 10-12pm  / $15 class / free patterns + make 2 blocks! *pending
          - NEW sew day w/ Debbie! 1st & 3rd Friday of each month / 10-4pm $10 BYOProject!
          - FPP Workshop: NYB  [Postponed]
• NEW 6mo BOM: Wishes Quilt Along by FQS!
          - Fabric Requirements (downloadable .pdf!)
          => We will be treating this like a 6 month program, even though there are twelve blocks. I will be teaching the six more elementary blocks one month at a time, while also giving out a second "stepchild" block for those wishing to complete the full 12-block quilt.  Those participants should make two blocks per month.  For my ladies making the modified 6-block quilt, just make the elementary level block each month and I will help you modify your borders to accommodate this change. 
     IMPORTANT NOTE: This entire quilt is listed for free on the Fat Quarter Shop website.  You may jump ahead and finish it as quickly as you choose; however, PLEASE do not bring later blocks or finished quilt tops or quilts to show and tell until the six-month program has ended. We want to encourage new quilters by being patient as they learn with this BOM.  Thank you!
• Marti Michell BOM: Blocks 10 & 11 demo & tips
          - Please do not show your completed quilt tops or quilts yet-- we will be hosting a quilt show later this year, and I'd love for that to be a true reveal party! <3
          - I demonstrated the partial seam at this mtg; if you need help, please sign up for the
          Block Party for more details.  It is only intimidating until you see it happen! ;)  Detailed pics
          are in our Facebook album.

August 3, 2016

- show and tell! (Pics posted to facebook if you missed it!)
   • I'm still working on renewal emails! Bear with me! ;)

   • Shop Hop 2016 begins this weekend! $5 Passports available here! Shop Hop Dates: Aug. 5-6 &
      Aug. 11-13 *All shops close at 6 on these Saturdays! You can make it to all of them!*
   • Row by Row available! kits $21.99 / pattern FREE
   • I forgot to hand out the Patriotic Block Swap labels! >.<  I'll have them again next meeting! Sorry!
>>> NEW Contest  click here for details
             - The American Honor collection by Blank Quilting is putting on a contest! (Link to  
             instructions and guidelines in sidebar.)  If you would like to participate, please notify me         
             ASAP; we only ordered 8 bundles and some yardage! $49.99 (20% off for Quilt Club
- BOM handouts & tips (Months 8 & 9 of Marti Michell pattern!)
- BOM vote for our next Short BOM (6-8 month program)!
      Timeline for short BOM: August - Vote on given options. I'll tally these up after both mtgs.
                                             September - Receive shopping list and start gathering up supplies.
                                             October - Block #1 (view finished one at mtg, take home pattern)
- FREE Sew Day for members (and guests!) Monday Aug. 15 9:00am - 6:00pm
- Binding 101 Class Wednesday Aug. 17 9:30am-1:30pm (members $20, kit $5)
- Sew Along: NY Beauty No sew days set yet; might be able to squeeze one in! If you'd like to join in the fun, click here to print the pattern we are working on, or feel free to start your own!
    Homework:  Christmas is a few months away... enough said!  Let's get started making those cozy gifts that bring smiles to our friends and family!  If you've got a holiday project brewing (even if it's Halloween or Thanksgiving) please post it to our facebook page.

July 6, 2016
- show and tell! (Pics posted to facebook if you missed it!)
     • Renewal time is here! Click here for an explanation of this. It's long and boring. If your renewal time is here, you will receive an email from me in the next couple of weeks.
     • Shop Hop 2016 passports now available for sale! $5 each
     • Block Swap Day is today! Every participant should have 15 or 16 blocks total; if you have 15, Gloria will be bringing her last few to the store as she finishes them. Also, next meeting you will receive your special quilt labels for participating!
     • If you took Dorinda Evans' quilt class, we just got the quilting pattern that she used on the sample.  It's beautiful! Christmas Treasures B2B
- BOM "El"ementary is complete; we will receive finishing guide this month and choose a new "short" BOM next meeting. Ideas? Send to Clair via email or facebook.
- BOM Marti Michell month #7 handout; next month we are thinking we will do two blocks again! Get ready!
- Free Sew Day for members and guests / Mon. July 18 9:00am-6:00pm
- Sew Along: NY Beauty Paper Piecing / Sat. July 23 9:00am-4:00pm *edited 7/6/16
       suggested research: The Ultimate NY Beauty Mixer, NY Beauty Tutorial, Stunning NYB with Geese, Fancy Patterns for NYB on Craftsy, etc.  Bring supplies, this is a free sew-along and some experience with foundation paper piecing will benefit!  If you need a class, email me at
- Kids' Camp / Mon. - Fri. July 25-29th 9:00am-12:00pm *only a few seats left*
- Terry Briggs' Beginner Quilting 101 is a five week course and very thorough! Check it out!
- Beginner Silhouette Class / Sat. July 30 10-12pm $20
>>>  Block Swap Panel Winner: Donna Olivier! Congrats!  <<<  The panel is still available at J&B Quilting in Sunset if you have to have it! ;)

Homework: Check out the various ways that people finish Block-Swap quilts. Your blocks are now yours and the real skill is to enhance them in a finished product.  I am very proud and excited for you ladies, you did well so far! No date is set for the reveal-- thinking we will consider it a Christmas Party thing.

June 1, 2016
- show and tell! (Pics posted to facebook if you missed it!)
     • Row by Row starts today - kits available beginning of next week?
     • Shop Hop dates: Aug 5-6, 11-13, 2016
     • QGA’s Mod Squad sews here 1st Thursday of each month from 5-9pm, starting tomorrow!
         $20 annual membership, $5 sew days, 10% off on sew day.
     • Special Guest: Dorinda Evans is hosting the Christmas Ornament Quilt class on
         Monday June 27th ($50 instruction, $80 class kit) Lunch provided! *limit 20 students*
         >>>------> MEMBERS ONLY OFFER: priority scheduling + $20 off the kit!
- Stargazer Block Swap due July 6th! We will swap at morning meeting and pull for the panel.
- Scheduled Classes that may spark your interest: Beginner Smocking, Kids’ Camp, Block to Bag
- BOM #5 and #6 for Marti Michell quilt, BOM #5 for “El”ementary quilt (handouts & tips)
- Technique focus: Grainline and its place in quilting.
       • sources: Fabric Grain ExplainedAsk Marti Michell, a video on grainline  
- Meet the Coronet! Meet the Tiara III! Free motion fun time!
- set free sew day: Monday June 6th 9-5pm
- Classes to schedule: Free Motion Quilting with Estrella $30+kit, Block Party $20+kit, Mini Quilt Class (FPP or Traditional) $25+kit option? all TBA

Other helpful links:
• Teach your Templates New Tricks (Marti Michell)
• Cathedral Quilt Tutorial (Missouri Star)  Thanks for showing yours off, Sarah!
• Measuring & Cutting Strips (Marti Michell)

May 4, 2016
- show & tell BOM month #3 + other things
- Announcements:
           • Krotz Springs Quilt Show & Sale in June/see flyer
           • Dorinda Evans is coming to town! Workshop here June 27, details to come.
           • Block Swap check up: 16 blocks, swap day July 6th until further notice.
- set dates for next set of workshops/classes:
           • Free Sew Day  Saturday 5/14  12:30-4pm
           • Free Sew Day  Monday 5/23  9-6pm
           • Helix Table Runner Saturday 5/28 10-4pm *kit included!*
           • FPP Workshop: Bee Happy  Monday 5/30 10-4pm  *kit included*
           • Block-to-Bag: Tote  Saturday 6/04 10-4pm 
                      >>Pics need to be added! I left these at the store! :/
- BOM #4 handouts & tips
   ---> "El"ementary quilt is almost done!
   ---> Next month, the Marti Michell quilters will get TWO blocks! AH!
- Featured technique: Quilting with a walking foot.  This method enhances modern and traditional quilts; try it for yourself! Here are my quick tips:
           • A walking foot / Accu-Feed foot / Digital Dual Feed foot with guide is ideal.
           • Don’t be afraid to mark your desired pattern with soluble pens, especially if changing “fill” areas on your project. Plaids, slight curves, concentric circles, crosshatching, chevron, herringbone, zig-zags, and many other patterns are achievable in this way!
           • Work from the inside/middle outward for best results; it helps to start in the ditch to secure your quilt sandwich together before getting too fancy.
           • If your project is small, try using fusible batting to help get started with straight line quilting.    (Runners, bags, placemats, mug rugs, etc.)

Apr. 6, 2016
- show & tell BOM Month #2 + any other things (pinwheels from last time?)
- Announcement: Check out the quilt display at Acadiana Center for the Arts in downtown Lafayette! Click here for the calendar of events at ACA!
- set dates for next set of workshops:
                   • FPP: Pink Snowballs  Monday 4/25/16 (9:30-3:30pm) Check out the inspiration!
                   • Log Cabin Cross Wall Hanging  Saturday 4/23/16  (10-3pm)
- Both BOM Month #3 / handouts & demo
- set sew-day for both BOMs: Monday, April 18th ALL DAY!
- Appliqué brief history of Confederate Gunboat Quilts and techniques
- Barn Quilts: for more information, email Becky or Chantelle!
- BLOCK SWAP: "Stargazer" Scavenger Hunt
   >There are 16 participants! Swap day is July 6th until further notice. 
   > You've picked a block from the fishbowl... now what?? Simply look up your star block's name, find a free pattern or tutorial online, and get started! If you can find a little history about your star, we would love to hear about it at the swap! This is the "scavenger hunt" element... get it? :)
           If you are new to the block-swapping game, I will provide a quick overview.  The goal here is to compose a quilt of blocks made by our friends and fellow quilters in Quilt Club.  We are not perfect.  This game tends to invite criticism; please be aware that we are only doing this in order to learn and encourage one another to practice and gain experience with quilt piecing.  This is not a competition.  This is not the right forum to call out mistakes (we usually can spot them ourselves, thank you!) or make someone new to quilting want to turn away.  With this inclusive attitude, I thank you for choosing to participate and I look forward to seeing great things from you gals!
      Quick Rules --->   • quilt shop quality fabric ONLY (no JoAnn, Hobby Lobby, etc.)
                                      • colors: red/white/blue, patriotic theme
                                      • blocks may be any size up to 12.5" square
                                      • Each participant must bring sixteen (16) identical blocks to swap
                                         day; this means same fabric, same size, same pattern, same arrangement, etc.
                                      • It is very courteous to consider that someone will be assembling your block
                                         alongside many others; please use a standard 1/4" seam during construction,
                                         square your blocks, and trim away any excess threads.
                                      • Lastly, do your best & forget the rest!  We are all here to learn, and if you have
                                         questions along the way, please use the experience of others in the club to
                                         further your skills!
- Places to find more info on block swapping and examples of beautiful quilts from swaps: 
do.GoodStiches  StitchedInColor  CraftBuds  StitcheryDickoryDock  Block Swap Etiquette
- NEXT MEETING: Bring your finished BOM Month #3 block for show & tell, plus anything else you'd like to share.  If you are interested in doing a block swap but were not in attendance at this month's meeting, don't fret.  I've closed this one off so that our ladies can get started making their 16 blocks-- We will be hosting more, and I may even have a facebook-centric block swap in mind! Block swapping in your pajamas..?! That sounds like something I'd be interested in!

Mar. 2, 2016
- show & tell BOM Month #1
- reintroduce our Club Page on the website
- set dates for next set of workshops:
                    • Foundation Paper Piecing Tuesday Mar. 15 1-6pm & Monday Mar. 21 1-6pm
                    • HST Designer Quilt Top Saturday Mar. 19 1-4pm
- Block Swap? Any interest?
- Both BOM Month #2 / handouts & demo
- Pinwheel tips & tricks + Tutorial
- set sew-day for both BOMs: March 7, 2016 ALL DAY!
- NEXT MEETING: Bring your finished BOM Month #2 block for show & tell, plus any pinwheel projects you've made!

Feb. 3, 2016
- show & tell Mardi Gras quilt projects & art quilt submissions
- introduce our Club Page on the website! Isn't it cool??
- view finalists for Quilting Arts contest
- introduce Row by Row
- introduce Block Stock (set date for class?)

- Elementary BOM Month #1 / handouts
- Marti Michell BOM Month #1 / handouts

- talk about fabric selection for each quilt, tips & tricks
- talk about templates by Marti Michell (20% off!)

- set sew-day for both BOMs: February 15, 2016 ALL DAY!
- NEXT MEETING: Bring your finished BOM Month #1 for show & tell!

Block-of-the-Month Update:
       The Feb. 3rd meeting will be our first Block-of-the-Month inclusive meeting. Unfortunately, I will be in St. Louis at a training seminar for Baby Lock. You will be left in great hands-- both meetings will go on as planned. I just want to give you a quick heads up about the rules we will be following for our BOM.

•  February is Month #1 of our two BOM patterns. If you sign up at the club meeting this month, the pattern you choose will be provided to you free each month, one block at a time, on meeting days. One pattern will be provided for free; if you'd like to participate in both BOMs, you may purchase the second one. If you are not a member, you may purchase either (or both) BOM patterns and pick them up monthly on the day of the club meeting.
•  If you do not sign up this month and you choose to join the BOM later, you may purchase the BOM pattern of your choice. It will only be provided for free to new members who sign up during their first month of membership.
•  In order to streamline the printing and packaging process, I ask that all participants pick up their BOM pattern on the day of the meeting, whether you can attend the meeting or not.

Jan. 6, 2016

- introduce club concept
- useful quilting/sewing apps: Quilt Calculator by Robert Kaufman, Missouri Star Quilt Tutorials, Foot Book by Janome.

- choose BOM: Marti Michell B & D Sampler
- Quilting Arts art quilt contest: What's Your Super Power? Email your entry (2 images) to by Feb. 1!  Finalists will be announced on by Feb. 3, 2016. Good luck!
- set up the following workshops: Quilt Binding 101, Puppy Portrait Art Quilt, English Paper Piecing
- NEXT MEETING: Bring Mardi Gras quilt projects and art quilt submissions for show & tell!

The A&A Sewing Center Quilt Club began January 6, 2016.  Meeting notes, links, & agendas will be posted here for your convenience.  If you have any questions, please email the group administrator, Clair:

Our monthly meetings are held on
the first Wednesday of each month.
10:00am - 12:00pm 
6:00pm - 8:00pm

Useful Links:

Sew Along: NY Beauty This pattern is a challenging mix of ten different arcs! If you're obsessed with foundation paper piecing, join us for our Sew Along challenge!

Wishes Quilt Along by FQShop

American Honor Quilt Contest hosted by Blank Quilting This is a contest for our veterans and active duty service men and women.  Show your patriotism by creating a quilt from Blank's beautiful American Honor collection.  Currently we have 8 bundles on order; will post how many remain.  Due date: March 31, 2017

Louisiana Row by Row Experience

If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email me! I'm Clair, the Quilt Club administrator.