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A&A’s sewing machine repair shop has been helping Lake Charles sewists keep their machine running for decades. Our certified sewing machine repair technicians are kept abreast of the latest industry standards through annual off-site training run by the manufacturers. To help you get your sewing machine back quickly, A&A keeps an extensive inventory of parts in stock for the most popular brands in the industry. Should a needed part not be in stock, our certified sewing machine repair shop immediately orders what is needed to get your sewing machine repaired and back to you as soon as possible. In addition to sewing machine repair, our technicians offer a full range of sewing machine maintenance services including cleaning to keep your sewing machine in top form. If your scissors are a little dull, our technicians can sharpen them up for you, too. While we service all brands and models of sewing machine, please be aware that depending on the brand, model, and age of your particular sewing machine, parts may not be readily available.

Please also be advised that when our sewing machine repair technicians are at training, it may take longer than usual for us to get your machine back to you. For your convenience, we post the dates our technicians will be attending education seminars so you may plan accordingly. This could be the perfect time for you take a sewing class while before you bring your sewing machine in for service.

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