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Sewing Machine Lessons

Maybe your machine is a garage sale find, a purchase from another store,
or a deal online. Here is an easy guide to lessons if you have not
purchased with us.

   When you purchase your sewing equipment with us here at A & A Sewing Center, you will leave knowing how to operate your machine.  We also include free sessions of machine lessons based on the complexity of your machine, which we schedule by appointment at no cost to you.  As a local family-owned business, we love being a part of our sewing community and we take pride in our personal service.  
    We ensure that training of our instructors and staff is up to date and we attend annual training sessions in cities across the U.S.  This continuing education is a priceless tool that sets us apart from most sewing machine retailers— however, we always recommend that you seek the professional aid of the retailer that sold your sewing machine to you.  Many retailers do offer help, and we do not want to discourage you from seeking help that you have already paid for by purchasing your machine.

Lessons are available by appointment only and are guaranteed free within the first year of your machine purchase with us.  If you did not purchase your machine with us, we invite you to schedule an appointment to learn more about your machine.  Unfortunately we are not able to offer lessons on every make and model; however, we are happy to offer lessons on a wide variety of different machines.  Please call us if you have any questions.

Price List by Machine Type

Mechanical / Basic Sewing
$50/1st hour & $25/hr afterward
This lesson is for basic sewing models that do not have electronic stitch selection or embroidery options.

Computerized / Pro Sewing
$60/1st hour & $40/hr afterward
This is for computerized sewing machines with screens & electronic stitch selection but no embroidery options.

Sergers & CoverPro / Coverstitch
$90/1st hour & $40/hr afterward

Combo Embroidery & Sewing
$90/1st hour & $75/hr afterward
This is for models that both sew and embroider.

Single-Needle Embroidery
$90/1st hour & $75/hr afterward
This is for single-needle embroidery models with a flat bed.

Multi-Needle Embroidery & Uprights
$125/1st hr & $100/hr afterward
This is for upright models that embroider with one or more needles.