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Service and Repair

The Acadiana area has trusted A&A Sewing Center in Broussard with the maintenance and repair of sewing machines for decades. Our clients enjoy expedited access to our affordable, in-house, certified sewing machine maintenance service. We stock a variety of replacement parts and will promptly order any parts needed to get your machine in working order quickly. Machine cleaning, repair, and scissor sharpening are a few of the services provided by our resident repairmen. We gladly clean and maintain all brands; however, access to replacement parts may be limited depending on the brand and age of your machine.

We send our technicians to educational seminars out-of-state every year to stay up to date on machine repair. As a result, one or two weeks out of the year are slow return times from our repair department.  A notification of this will be posted on our website for your convenience. This could be the perfect time to take a sewing class in our shop before you bring your machine in for service!

We service almost every brand, make, and model-- here is a list to give you an idea of which category your machine fits into. For pricing, please call the shop.
(337) 837-3444

Basic Sewing includes mechanical and computerized domestic sewing machines.

Combination Machines include any model that performs sewing functions and also features an embroidery unit and hoops.

Industrial Sewing and Quilting models include all longarm/midarm quilters and any machine with an external motor. For these repairs, please bring in the head of the machine; we do not have the space for the tables or quilting racks. If you suspect an issue with those larger components, please give us a call.

Flatbed Embroidery models are shaped like sewing machines, but are only able to perform embroidery functions.

Upright Embroidery and Multi-Needles are embroidery machines that stand upright and may include up to ten needles.

Repair FAQ:

Do I need an appointment? 
No. Our repair staff work here in our shop, and we take machines in the order they arrive.

What do I bring? 
Our technicians test your machine thoroughly before it goes home to ensure that it is performing properly. Please bring the items they will need to sew samples. EX: For sewing: zig-zag foot, power cord, foot control. For embroidery: embroidery foot, embroidery unit, hoop, power cord.

What if my machine is beyond repair? 
If fixing your machine will incur more than $50 in additional/unexpected parts or labor, our techs will call you for approval. If you choose not to go through with the repair, you owe nothing additional, but you do lose your initial deposit.

Can someone pick my machine up for me? 
As long as you arrange with the shop, you definitely can have someone else pick up your machine. We may ask for identification or the claim ticket.

Does the technician make house calls? 
Unfortunately, due to our volume of repairs, we cannot offer house calls at this time.

What if I just need a part? Why do I have to pay for a full service?
Our repair team does certified work, which means our repairs are tried and true, guaranteed for 30 days. For this reason, sending you home with a part just doesn't meet our standards for repair service. Feel free to call for basics like light bulbs, bobbin cases, or spool pins-- but please understand that machine issues sometimes present themselves in ways that a simple part change cannot fix.


Questions? Concerns?

Contact us and we will respond as quickly as possible. For urgent requests, you may
call the shop (337) 837-3444 or send a Facebook message as well.


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